This Day In History June 1

Historical Events & Manuscripts on June 1

General View of Jerusalem ca.1890-1900. Source: Library of Congress.
June 1, 1838

The vision of the Holy Land in 19th-century America was shaped by religious and cultural sentiment, and influenced by the experiences of those groups who traveled there: missionaries, pilgrims and tourists, explorers, settlers, and consular officers, all of whom had different motives for their journey and reports.

June 1, 1865

However much Tad vexed others, Lincoln was entirely at his service, day or night.

June 1, 1867

Map of Mark Twain’s “Great Pleasure Excursion” itinerary to Europe and the Holy Land.

June 1, 1912

Theodore Roosevelt hated William Howard Taft; Taft hated Roosevelt; Roosevelt hated Woodrow Wilson. Wilson hated…

President John F. Kennedy greets spectators as he travels in his motorcade in Patrick Street, Cork, Ireland. 28 June 1963.  Robert Knudsen.
June 1, 1963

President Kennedy’s trip to Ireland was notable, publicly, in that it marked the first visit of an Irish-American President, the first of a Catholic President, and the first of a sitting President. It was notable, privately, in that no one traveling with him – including all his staff of Irish descent, two of his sisters, and his sister-in-law – had ever seen him happier.