Vice President Calvin Coolidge: His New Job is of Little Responsibility But He's Kept Busy All the Same

November 8, 1921

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Vice President Calvin Coolidge: His New Job is of Little Responsibility But He's Kept Busy All the Same
Autograph Letter Signed
3 pages | SMC 1339

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      His new job, Vice President Coolidge tells the politically powerful Archbishop of Boston, isn’t of any great responsibility, but engaging all the same. He sits, sometimes, presiding in the Senate fourteen hours a day; he writes endless speeches; he has, he says, little time for himself. And now, with the great ceremonial entombment of World War I’s Unknown Solider about to take place in three days, he has even less. Still, he hopes that the Cardinal never visits Washington without seeing him – and gives, in that connection, careful directions of how to find him and Mrs. Coolidge at their suite in the Willard Hotel.
      Autograph Letter Signed, as Vice President, 3 pages, recto and verso, quarto, Vice President’s Chamber, Washington, November 8, 1921. To William Henry O’Connell, Cardinal Archbishop of Boston.
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      My dear Msgr. O'Connell : -

      Ive [sic] have been sitting sometimes fourteen hours a day in the Senate and I have had to write speeches in between so I had to rely on Mrs. Coolidge  to answer your letter.  I am sorry I did not see you when you were here, I hope you will never come here without seeing us.  We can always be reached at the Willard.  Our rooms are 

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      328 - 3[...]2, take the elevator at F. Street entrance and the doors are just at the right of the elevator, 3d floor.  Any time except 12-30 to 2 you will find some one here.

      Only the other day I saw the handsome menu which recalled your home.  Please remember me to your people and your cousins.

      I shall anticipate hearing your experiences in Europe.  You have been exceedingly kind to us and I cannot tell you how much I have prized your kind interest.

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      My work here is not of great responsibility but terribly engaging. I have little time to myself. I hope once the revenue bill is out of the way for a little respite - but always but Nov. 11 is coming and the Conference and such addresses as I have to make.

      We hope to see you soon.

      Very Cordially


      November 8 1921