Dr. Jacob de Silva Solis Cohen: A Scarce Civil War Autograph

February 11, 1874

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Dr. Jacob de Silva Solis Cohen: A Scarce Civil War Autograph
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1 page | SMC 307

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  • Jacob Da Silva Solis Cohen


    Jacob da Silva Solis Cohen was a Sephardic Jew who served with both the Union Army and Navy , most notably as an assistant surgeon with Dupont’s expedition to Port Royal and with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron. After the war he returned to a distinguished medical and civic career in Philadelphia. His scarce autograph here certifies an 1874 death in the city of Philadelphia.

    Document Signed (“J. Solis Cohen), being a death certificate; partially printed and accomplished in manuscript, 1 page, quarto, Philadelphia, February 11, 1874. Listing the particulars of the demise of one Eleanor Ezekiel.
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    Return of a Death
    in the City of Philadelphia.
    Physician's Certificate.

    1. Name of Deceased, Eleanor Ezekiel

    2. Colour, white

    3. Sex, female
    4 Age, 69 years

    5. Married or Single, married

    6. Date of Death, Feb. 11th 1874

    7. Cause of Death, Valvular disease of heart

    J. Solis Cohen M.D.

    Residence, 1327 Green St.