President William McKinley Commissions a Second Lieutenant

December 26, 1899

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President William McKinley Commissions a Second Lieutenant
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      McKinley genuinely enjoyed the presidency, with one exception: he hated signing military commissions. “Something ought to be done about this,” he used to fret, “somebody else ought to be able to sign these.” Here, however, McKinley does his duty, by commissioning one Earnest M. Reeve to do his.
      Presidents routinely signed military commissions until Wilson ended the practice.

      Document Signed, as president, partially printed and accomplished in manuscript; 1 page, elephant folio, Washington, December 26, 1899. Being the appointment of Earnest M. Reeve as a Second Lieutenant in the Infantry. Co-signed by Secretary of War Elihu Root and replete with blue wafer seal.
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