President-Elect Harding Refers to His Upcoming Term as "Imprisonment in the White House"

January 12, 1921

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President-Elect Harding Refers to His Upcoming Term as "Imprisonment in the White House"
Typed Letter Signed
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      As President-elect, mentioning his upcoming term of imprisonment in the White House. 

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      January 12, 1921.

      Hon. Myron T. Herrick,

      Cleveland, Ohio.

      My dead Colonel Herrick:

      Christian has handed to me your letter of January 10th, respecting the becoming grant of courtesy to Mr. and Mrs. Parmelee at inauguration time. I am writing to say that it would be a pleasure to meet your wishes in this matter, not alone because you ask it, but because I hold Mr. and Mrs. Parmeless in very high esteem. You have noted, of course, that I have taken it upon myself to completely dispose of the entire inaugural celebration, save the very simple program of oath taking and brief address. Matters had so developed and there was so much of criticism and misunderstanding that I felt it becoming to dispose of the entire celebration. I hope you will approve of what I have done.

      I note you are going to Honolulu. I envy you the pleasure you have in prospect. I had rather be going to the Islands under agreeable conditions than to be journeying toward a period of imprisonment in the White House. I hope you will call on my friend Ferrington, the leading published at Honolulu, and express my compliments and make his acquaintance on your own account. 

      With very kindest regards, I am,

      Very truly yours,