Max Nordau Exchanges Photos, in English, With an Admirer

December 4, 1909

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Max Nordau Exchanges Photos, in English, With an Admirer
Autograph Letter Signed
1 page | SMC 759

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      Exchanging photographs with “Mr. Carleton”, whom Nordau admires and is admired by, it seems likely that the Carleton in question was Hubert, the Episcopalian proponent of the Men and Religion Forward Movement, which advocated “Muscular Christianity” - much as Nordau, a decade earlier, had proposed “Muscular Judaism” at the 1898 Zionist World Congress. Men - physically fit, disciplined and moral - were the focus of both movements, albeit the Judaic form was, perhaps, considerably more literal than its Christian “counterpart.”
      Autograph Letter Signed (“Dr. M. Nordau”), in English, 1 page, octavo, 8, Rue Leonie, Paris, December 4, 1909. To Mr. Carleton.
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      8, rue Leonie, 8
      Paris, Dec. 4th 1909.

      Dear Mr. Carleton,

      I beg your pardon for thanking you so late for your beautiful photograph.  I desired to send my thanks simultaneously with my own likeness which you were kind enough to ask for, and I have only received it to-day.  I forward it by the same mail.  Please consider it as a token of sincere admiration and high esteem with which I remain,

      Yours very faithfully,

      DR. M. NORDAU.