Thomas Edison: "I Am Busily Engaged On the Electric Light"

October 22, 1879

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Thomas Edison: "I Am Busily Engaged On the Electric Light"
Autograph Letter Signed
1 page | SMC 298

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      The Wizard of Menlo Park says that he hasn’t finished inventing the megaphone and cannot say when he will because he is “busily engaged on the electric light.”

      In a marvelous coincidence, on October 22, 1879, a bulb with a fragile filament of carbonized thread glowed at Menlo Park for the very first time.
      Autograph Letter Signed (“T.A. Edison”), 1 page, octavo, Menlo Park, New Jersey, October 22, 1879. To Eleanor Hallowell Stroud.
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      T. A. EDISON.

      Menlo Park, N. J.,  Oct 22 1879

      Mrs[.] Stroud

      Dear Madame

      Your favor of the 19th was duly rec'd -  The megaphone is not yet completed and I am quite unable to say when it will be as at present I am busily engaged on the Electric light.

      Very Truly

      T. A. Edison