A Contemporary Account of the William McKinley Assassination by a 15 Year-Old Girl

October 28, 1901

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A Contemporary Account of the William McKinley Assassination by a 15 Year-Old Girl
Autograph Letter Signed
3 pages | SMC 1183

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      Fifteen year-old Edna Hurry explains to a friend that, just six weeks ago, the President of the United States was murdered. She gives the time, date, place, and the name and ethnicity of the killer. She explains how the dastardly deed was done, and that even though wounded, the President never thought of himself. She adds that he lived a week after being shot, was very patient, and then relates, almost perfectly, his prayerful last words.
      “The whole nation and the world,” Miss Hurry concludes, “mourned for the dead president.” This letter shows how.
      [McKinley Assassination] Autograph Letter Signed, in the hand of one Edna M. Hurry; 3 pages, octavo, Akron, New York, October 28, 1901. To “Dear Friend.”
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      Akron, N.Y.,
      Oct. 28, 1901.

      Dear friend, -

      I will write and tell you of President Mckinley's [sic] assassination. It was about four o'clock Friday September 6th. He was in the Temple of Music where they were having a public reception. The assassin was Leon Czolgosz a Russian Pole.

      He carried a revolver in his hand and his hand 

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      was done up in a handkerchief. When the people went up to shake hands with Mckinley [sic] Czolgosz went with them.  Just as he came near Mckinley [sic] the President put his hand out but the assassin pushed it away and shot Mckinley [sic] twice. It was done before the people knew what was coming.  Two of the guard sprang upon the criminal before he could get away.  The President never thought of himself. He told them not to hurt the assassin.

      He lived a week and 

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      during that time he was very patient. His last words were "It is God's will if not ours."

      The whole nation and the world mourned fore [sic] the dead President.

      Your loving friend,
      EDNA M. HURRY.