Sen. John F. Kennedy Declines McCarthyite Alvin Owsley's Invitation to Visit Texas; Invites Him to Lunch

November 11, 1953

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Sen. John F. Kennedy Declines McCarthyite Alvin Owsley's Invitation to Visit Texas; Invites Him to Lunch
Typed Letter Signed
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      Whether, with this letter to McCarthyite Alvin Mansfield Owsley, Kennedy was executing the graceful steps by which he avoided being labeled a supporter of the demagogic McCarthy, and courting at the same time the reactionary element that endorsed him, is difficult to know. Suffice it to say that here Kennedy turns down an invitation to attend an event in Texas, but invites Owsley, when in Washington, to join him for lunch.
      Noted, too, is the date: ten years later, Kennedy would accept an invitation to Texas. Then, he would be President, and there, he would be assassinated.
      Typed Letter Signed (twice), with autograph postscript, as Senator, 1 page, quarto, United States Senate, November 11, 1953. To Alvin Mansfield Owsley.
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      United States Senate 

      November 11, 1953

      Mr. Alvin Mansfield Owsley

      Dear Mr. Owsley:

      Many thanks for your kind letter of November 4th inviting me to come to Texas on the 10th of December. I appreciate very much your thoughtfulness in writing to me, particularly as I would like very much to come at that time.

      Unfortunately, I have a commitment on the 10th of December to speak at Chattanooga and then I am expected in Florida the day after where I am going to stay until the Senate convenes. I regret very much that it will be impossible for me to be with you as the occasion sounds like an excellent one.

      I hope, however, that it will be possible to see you again during one of my visits to Texas on another occasion.

      Both my wife and I send you our very best regards.


      John Kennedy [in autograph]

      John F. Kennedy

      Many many thanks for your very thoughtful letter. I hope that when you come to Washington after the first of the year - you will come and join me for lunch.

      With every good wish-  John Kennedy