Rare Letter of John Tyler as Vice President Recommending a Consul to Galveston, Texas

March 23, 1841

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Rare Letter of John Tyler as Vice President Recommending a Consul to Galveston, Texas
Autograph Letter Signed
2 pages | SMC 952

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      Vice President for exactly one month, Tyler was the first Vice President to ascend to the presidency upon the death of the incumbent – for which he was dubbed, and drubbed, “His Accidency.” Once in office and surrounded, he said, “by Clay-men, Webster-men, anti-Masons, original Harrisonians, old Whigs and new Whigs,” he was immediately unpopular, and stayed so throughout his term as president. His Administration did have one shining achievement, however: the acquisition of Texas. This letter, written as Vice-President – and hence, exceedingly rare – concerns Texas, albeit as a foreign country. Here he recommends a fellow Virginian as Consul at Galveston.  A.M. Green, he writes, is a “highly amicable and estimable citizen.”
      Autograph Letter Signed, as Vice President, 2 page, quarto, Williamsburg, Virginia, March 23, 1841. To Secretary of State Daniel Webster. With integral autograph address.
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      Williamsburg Va. March 23, 1841

      Dear Sir:

      I take leave but to say, that I have known Mr. A M. Green of Culpeper County Virginia, for several years and regard him as an [sic] highly amicable and estimable citizen.

      He is I hear, an applicant for the consulate at Galveston.

      I am [...]

      Very Truly Yours,


      Hon. Danl. Webster

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      Consulate - Galveston
      Green A. M. 1841

      Hon. Daniel Webster

      Secretary of State