Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Lists Favorite Parts from "A Book of Jewish Thought"

April 11, 1927

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Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Lists Favorite Parts from "A Book of Jewish Thought"
Typed Letter Signed
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      “All Israelites are mutually accountable for one another.” In a boat at sea one of the men began to bore a hole. On being remonstrated with, he answered: “I am only boring under my own seat.” “Yes,” said his comrades, “but when the sea rushes in we shall all be drowned with you.” So it is with Israel. Its weal or its woe is in the hands of every individual Israelite.”
                      - Talmud, quoted  by Joseph H. Hertz, in A Book of Jewish Thoughts (1917)

      Roosevelt, Jr., thinks Emanuel Hertz’s brother’s book, A Book of Jewish Thoughts, is delightful, and lists his favorite parts: “the quotations from the Talmud, ‘All Israelites are mutually’ etc…. J.L. Peretz… Moses Siexias letter of welcome to George Washington…” He would like to lunch again with Hertz, and if possible, his brother, Rabbi Joseph H. Hertz, too.
      Typed Letter Signed, 1 page, octavo, on his personal letterhead, 167 E. 74th St., New York City, New York, April 11, 1927. To Emanuel Hertz.
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      167 East 74th St., 
      New York City,
      April 11, 1927.

      My dear Mr. Hertz:  

      This is just a follow-up. I have read the Book of Jewish Thoughts by your brother and think it delightful. I liked particularly the quotations from the Talmud, "All Israelites are mutually", etc., from the Book of Morals, and from J. L. Peretz. I am using part of Moses Siexias' letter of welcome to George Washington in a speech.

      At present, I am laid up with a bad knee. Sometime, however, in the near future, I want to get you to come and lunch with me again. Incidentally, when your brother is in this country, I hope you will both come to lunch with me.

      With kind regards,


      Mr. Emanuel Hertz,
      149 Broadway,
      New York City.