Napoleon's Siege of Acre

April 19, 1799

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Napoleon's Siege of Acre
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       Siege of Acre 

      Bogged down at the Siege of Acre on what, only weeks before, he thought would be a quick victory on his way to Jerusalem, Napoleon here orders that his generals and the infantry, lancers and sappers, be paid.

      Document Signed (“Bonaparte”), as General-in-Chief, in French, partially-printed and accomplished in manuscript, 1 page, folio, Headquarters, April 19, 1799; ordering payments to Egyptian campaign personnel.

       Read more about the siege of Acre and Napoleon in Jaffa here.

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      To the Quarter-General on the 30th of Germinale [19 April] Year 7 [1799]

      BONAPARTE, Chief General,

      [text is crossed out] to the Ordinance Chief

      I beg you, citizen of the ordinance, to pay

      100 livres of support to the infantry guard
      400 to General Kleber 
      400 to General Bon
      350 to General Lannes
      350 to General Reynier
      100 to the lancers
      100 to the sappers


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