A Rare Abraham Lincoln Quote from Shakespeare's Othello

March 1, 1848

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A Rare Abraham Lincoln Quote from Shakespeare's Othello
Autograph Letter Signed
1 page | SMC 414

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      Lincoln may have read Shakespeare more than all other writers combined, but references of him in his letters are rare indeed. Here, relating to the Mexican War ending, he alludes to “Othello's occupations's gone.”
      Autograph Letter Signed, as Congressman, 1 page, oblong quarto, Washington, March 1, 1848. To Jesse Lynch.
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      Washington, March 1, 1848

      Friend Lynch:

      Your letter of the 13th Feb. accompanying a recommendation of many citizens of Robt. Irwin for a lieutenancy, has been received.  I suppose "Othello's occupation's gone" - All hands here seem to think the war is over - that the treaty sent on here by Trist will be ratified - If, however, a chance presents, I will do the very best I can -

      Excuse the shortness of this letter.  I am really very much hurried.

      Yours truly
      A. Lincoln

      Jesse Lynch