The Holocaust

December 7, 2017
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Children survivors of Auschwitz
Child survivors of Auschwitz. 1945. Taken by Alexander Voronzow and others in his group, ordered by Mikhael Oschurkow, head of the photography unit. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Belarussian State Archive of Documentary Film and Photography, Wikimedia.

Einstein warns of the mounting dangers in Europe. Bialik laments the persecutions of the Diaspora. Freud attempts to help a colleague’s son accused of treason in Nazi Germany. Eisenhower’s horrific visit to a concentration camp. An American soldier asks for permission to shoot Hermann Goering, should he be captured. Weizmann discusses the Jewish Brigade, and Reagan, years later, admires the Jews who fought back. These are a few of the pieces in the collection exploring the mounting dangers before the Holocaust, the devastation it wrought, and the way the Jewish people both resisted in the face of the Holocaust, and re-established their homeland in the wake of it.

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