Former President Tyler Tells His Son He is Hard Pressed to Support His Family

March 19, 1849

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Former President Tyler Tells His Son He is Hard Pressed to Support His Family
Autograph Letter Signed
3 pages | SMC 592

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      Former President Tyler, asked by his eldest son for financial assistance, explains that he is hard pressed to even take care of his (new and growing) family. Medical bills and the support of a brother, he says, “break me down.” Still, Tyler knows he will work through his “embarrassments” and if his son cannot borrow what he needs “upon your own name and mine," he shall give him the funds requested. “You have made a noble struggle,” he tells Robert, “and my hand and heart are with you.”
      Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pages, quarto, Richmond, March 19, 1849. With free franked integral leaf. To his son, Robert Tyler.
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      Richmond  March 19. 1849
      My Son;
      I am here on a matter of business and your letter has followed me, having been sent up by Tazewell. In reply to you enquiry I have asked myself in every form how I could assist you. I am hard pressed and have to make my struggle in order to sustain myself - $1500 for Dr. [text is crossed out] $236 for Dr [text is crossed out] and $500 for [text is crossed out] as he [...] in two years, has left me greatly minus and now to add to my embarrassments I fear I am to be saddled with upwards of $1000 for your uncle [text is crossed out] who is entirely prostrate. Thus is it that my own family connections break me down-- You can well imagine how extremely scarce money is with me under these circumstances – hardly enough is left me to clothe and support my family-- Yet I shall I hope work through, but it will require every effort. Now then my son seeing that to raise the sum you will want is almost impossible without a sale of property, what re-

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      mains to be done? Can you borrow upon your own name and mine for such time as you may require it, the amount that you want? If not I shall give you funds, fully – If I am too distant from you, can no friend of ours give you his name upon my written assurance to stand between him and harm --  In short I am ready and willing to do any thing and every thing I can - You have made a noble struggle, and my hand and heart are with you. Write me then immediately and let me know what can be done --
      With love to all
      Yr Father


      R. Tyler Esq.

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      J. TYLER
      Robert Tyler Esq.
      No. 10 5th Street