Chaim Weizmann Agrees to Stand as Godfather to Orde Wingate's Son

November 5, 1944

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Chaim Weizmann Agrees to Stand as Godfather to Orde Wingate's Son
Autograph Letter Signed
2 pages | SMC 378

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      Weizmann agrees to stand as Godfather to the son of Major General Orde Wingate, Orde Jonathan Wingate (whose other Godfather was Haile Selassie, General Wingate having liberated Abyssinia from the Italians). Weizmann said in his memoirs that he had loved and revered Orde Wingate; he remained close to his widow and mother-in-law, for the rest of his life.
      Autograph Letter Signed (“Chaim”), 2 pages, octavo, recto and verso, The Dorchester Hotel, London, November 5, 1944. To Lorna Wingate.
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      Nov. 5th. 44

      My Dear Lorna,  I hope that my last letter did not upset you.  I can assure you it would have been a grave mistake to act differently and I feel sure that Major Hay does share this view.

      On the other hand on rereading your last letter I see that I have omitted to answer your very kind suggestion about being Godfather to your little Orde. As the christening is only in the Summer I hope it is not too late if you have not given it away to accept. I feel greatly honoured and please forgive the omission. I have been having quite a lot of trouble lately.

      We shall be leaving for Pne in a few days.  

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      And we are opening the house for a few months. How long we shall stay is difficult to say, but as there will be no decision on our affairs until the war is over and as - I am afraid - the war will not end before early Summer there is no particular hurry in coming back. Still it is not easy to make plans far ahead.

      We are probably still here until Friday. I hope all is well with you and the child. I have received Major Hays letter (copy ) to Senator and I have taken all the papers to Palestine.

      My best love to you, the boy and to Joy.

      Ever Yours


      Vera has gone to see the grandchild. She sends her love and will probably write.