Port Said, Egypt, Ledger: Theodore Roosevelt, Marcus Reno, William T. Sherman

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Port Said, Egypt, Ledger: Theodore Roosevelt, Marcus Reno, William T. Sherman
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      Marcus Reno (1834–1889) was a military officer in the American Civil War and in the Great Sioux War, where he served under George Armstrong Custer. He is most noted for his prominent role in the Battle of the Little Bighorn, with his command decisions the subject of great military controversy. Clothbound shipping ledger, 8 x 11.5, listing the numerous ships and passengers arriving at Egypt's Port Said between 1871 and 1919. Signed inside on separate pages in black ink, "Bt. Gen. M. A. Reno, Major 7th Cavalry U.S. Army" and "Theodore Roosevelt, April 9th, 1909." The ledger features a large assortment of signatures from other lesser-known contemporaries. In a clerical hand, the first page lists the arrival of "Genl. W. T. Sherman U.S.A. & Aide" on March 1, 1872, and the top of the fifth page, again in a clerical hand, lists the arrival of "Theodore Roosevelt," "Theodore Roosevelt, Jr." and "Elliot Roosevelt," on February 22, 1873. In very good to fine condition, with the covers loose, heavily worn, and mostly detached; interior pages are generally sound (tears to the first two pages, but fine after).
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      Arrivals of Americans Port Said.

      April 1871.  C C Sow                   New Hampshire. 
      Mar 1872 -- LB Merrick & Wife  New York
      May  ‘   [text is crossed out] M C & Seward niece 
                    & adopted daughter --                                                                                                                                             
      May 1872   Revd Wallace […]
                           Mr. Ch. Missionary to […]
             Miss Finsley , […] Miss Ashley
             […] McMillan
             Revd Mr [sic] Judd and wife
                            […] Cunningham
                1872  Gill & […] (niece after Newman --
      March 1, ^  Genl. W. T. Sherman U.S.A. & Aidy - 
             Gen’l […] Grant              “
      April 72        Revd Geo M Adams    “  }
                “     W  W  Scudder  DD_   }    Am Mission
                “     S  D   Scudder    M. D. }      Bombay --
                “     H Hasen                        }
      July --           H Spalding […] to Marseilles
      Sept --          CH Spear, Mars - publishers Agent  
      [text is crossed out]Sept _ W O Clark - Sacramento - to Hong -
                                          Kong. by “Agamemnon__” 
      1871 --           Francis Colton Genl Passenger Agent
      July -- 1872      Union Pacific R. R. - Galesburg Ill --
      Nov. 25 --      W. O.  Masely    Proston                 }
            “                W O Masely Jr       “                      }   Mich
            “                Revd S Graves -- Grand Rapids    }   jaffa
            “                George C Hurtes Boston               }   […]

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      Page 2 transcript
      1873     Theodore Roosevelt
      July 22 Theodore Roosevelt Jr  New York
           Elliott Roosevelt  from Cairo to Palestine
           J Edwin Dodge
      Feby 26th D W Thomas, Missionary from India
         “      “     P.T. Wilson      Dd      “    Dd
      Returning to America
      Expedition Hauran
      March 5” Alanson A. Haines  Hamburg  New Jersey
        Mrs. Sabine
        Mrs Magee _
      March 5. John D. Perry & Wife          }  President Kansas Pacific
        Mrs Perry                 } R R _
           “   Jennie Perry                 }      Saint Louis 
      Sept by       “    Anne Pullian                 }                        Mo
      Russian      “    Jennie Bartholow            }
      Steamer M. W. Pend Boston.
      6th for Wm. R. Ban New York.
      Jaffa- D P Clapp New York
      with F. G. Kendall New York.
      G H P -- F. Gridley &wife [sic] Buffalo N. Y. 
      C. C. Gridley       “        “
      J. M. B. Dwight     New Haven, Ct
      Coll Ch’ Todd --     St Louis Mo
      Miss Fanny Todd --       “        “
      Mrs Clapp --     Cleveland

      8th                GW Heacock  Buffalo N.Y. 
      […] for Wilson Phraner Sing Sing N.Y.
      Jaffa Ralph Wells New York
      8th March.      Sasker H. Marvin Brooklyn N.Y. USA
             Thomas S. Adams New York
             R H. Seeley Massachusetts

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      Page 3 transcript
      […] Austrian & Zurich Tramers [sic] for Jaffa
      March 8. 
      Willard Wolf Hodge.  Buffalo, N. Y.  U. S. A. 
      Geo. Thompson  Brooklyn America
      B D Gibb  London.
      Revd Josiah Viney  London_
      Mr & Mrs Frank L. Runals  Lawrence America
      Mrs  A. H. Patton  New-York - U. S. A. 
      J. C. Fle[…]  Naples
      Calvin Fletcher   Indianapolis Ind
      Mrs Calvin Fletcher      “
      Sarah H. Fletcher          “
      Harry S. New.                “
      Edward Schelsinger     Oxford England        Syria
      Laura Fletcher    Indianapolis. Ind.
      S. A Fletcher Jr.      “    “    “    “
      Mrs C. A. Bradstreet  Boston        [text is crossed out]
      A. B. Bradstreet             “                [text is crossed out]
      Miss J. P. Hoyt Newbryport  [sic]    [text is crossed out] 
                  Rus [sic] Steamer
      […]ar 12 Isaac G. Bliss  Constantinople Turkey 
      Victor C. Bassinger & wife  Alexandria.  Mar 17
      March 17. 1875 for Russian Steamer --
      R. S. Milton  Boston  “ (Major Milton)
      […]t:  Gen M. A. Reno.  Major 7th Cavalry: U.S. Army
      J Francis Evans  New York }  Drummond } Port
                                                        , Dispatch }
      Mr Hyier [sic], 51 Pearsdale Villa, High St Kensington 

      March 21.  Mr & Mrs. F W Upham _ N York  Austrian - for Jaffa
      E. Lord Weeks.
      J. […]                  Boston U. S. 
      […]  […]
      Andrew. McCartney. (Rus)  Nebraska City. Nebraska.  For Syria
      William Peck Herkimer Co [text is crossed out]  New York Farmer
      Settler Falls.  Herkimer NY -- returns 11th April  To […] by Russian […]

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      Page 4 transcript
      Theodore Roosevelt
      April 9th 1909

      Lewis […]
      April 1909.

      F. Munroe Endicott
      April 9, 1909.

      […] Watson

      April 9, 1909.

      Port Said