Herbert Hoover's Handwritten List of His Autograph Collection

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Herbert Hoover's Handwritten List of His Autograph Collection
Autograph Note
5 pages | SMC 329

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    Herbert Hoover collected autographs; here is his handwritten list of his holdings. His collection included Longfellow’s “Excelsior”, a quotation from Wendell Phillips, and a postcard from Mark Twain. Standard 19th century American worthies, such as Bryant, Whittier, Holmes Sr., and Stowe, are represented – but, oddly, no presidents. There is a queen, however -  Victoria -  and the British reformer, Cobbett, along with a handful of New York Mayors. The most valuable piece, Hoover notes, is a letter of Bayard Taylor –  the poet, travel writer, and great chronicler of Palestine and the Levant.
     Autograph Note, in pencil; 5 pages, quarto, no place or date.
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    [20 items]

    Authors & Scientists & Preachers - 

    John Hay 

    Henry W Longfellow                    
    aut. poem,  Excelsior
    card 1875    

    Thos Nast 1872                      


    William Cullen Bryant (card)              
    Henry George 1882                                                                                       
    James D Dana letter 1874 
    Lyman Abbott 1872 card                                                                             
    Mark Twain postcard                      

    Wendell Phillips     

    signed quotation 1867
    T. B. Aldrich letter 1883 
    John G. Whither signature
    Edwin Booth  card    
    Oliver Wendell Holmes card 1875
    Harriet Beecher Stowe 1873  card
    Bayard  Taylor 1847 (valuable letter)
    William Cobett  
    envelope 1835    

    Wm Eggleson
    Gail Hamilton (card)    
    E.E. Goldsmid 1874 (letter)     
    Owen Moore (aut doggerel)
    Marshal P. Weldon  card -  
    Charllot M. Clark card
    De Witt Talmage letter 1890
    Bishop A.M. Wittingham card   
    Bishop Palles card 1898
    John B. Gough card
    Brigham Young card
    D.L. Moody card
    Albert Barnes -
    Harry Ward Beecher card
       "      "         "          "
    Robert Burdette
    Paul Elder 
    Seetby St.

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    Page 2 transcript
    [12 items]                                                             
    Mitchell Hights
    A.J. [sic] Havemayer Mayor New York 1873 card
    Queen Victoria refusal  to give autograph
    Ferdinand Wood 1877 
    Robert Lowry ? 1876 
    Robert Blakley ?
    LL or JJ.?  Powell 1872
    H. L. Jewett (Beth. Pa)?
    Olive Logan 1872 
    J. Nelson  ? card              
    George J. Webb 1875 
    George S. Boutnell ? 1872 card
    Samuel F. Knight card
    Genl. Garibaldi
    [Anthony Trollope]                
    [Elsie Leslie Lyle] 

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    Page 3 transcript

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    Page 4 transcript
    Plymouth Church  [indecipherable]

    (H W Beecher -)
    +30 odd signatures

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    Page 5 transcript
    [1 item]

    Prof Sillman

    Agassiz - B Sillman etc

    Oliver Wolcott
    Letter 1806- draft 1805

    Joel Barlow 1808

    [...] Trumbell - 1816