Max Nordau's Calling Card Bearing an Autograph Note

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Max Nordau's Calling Card Bearing an Autograph Note
Autograph Note
1 page | SMC 744

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      On Nordau’s calling card, this intriguing autograph message: “Many thanks,” he writes, “for the highly interesting article.” Mindful of Nordau’s intellectual versatility, such a note could have to do, perhaps, with medicine, psychiatry, Zionism, the arts, social reform, the Dreyfus affair, his dear friend Theodor Herzl.

      Autograph Note, in German, penned at the top of his printed Calling Card; 1 page, sextodecimo, 8 Henner Street, Paris, no date.
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      Many thanks for the highly interesting reprint! [Translated from German]

      DR. MAX NORDAU        

      8, Henner Street

      Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
      from five to seven o'clock

      [Translated from French]