Mark Twain's Autograph Notes Regarding People, Places, and Recalling an Incident

c. 1907

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Mark Twain's Autograph Notes Regarding People, Places, and Recalling an Incident
Autograph Note
6 pages | SMC 125

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      Mark Twain's (Samuel Clemens) notes from 1907, in two sections. One, in the manner of a questionnaire,  matches names to places (Joe Goodman's, for instance, with "San Francisco, and Alameda")  and indicates where Clemens had not been (Los Angeles & Palmyra); the other section mostly concerns an incident, and includes dialogue.

      Mentioned is his Jewish friend and former boss, Joseph Goodman. Virginia City is also listed here.
      Autograph Notes, 6 pages in all, on various sizes of paper; bearing a date on the first page, "1907." 3 pages are comprised of typewritten names of places, to most of which Clemens has added autograph remarks.
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      Carson City.

      Virginia City.


      San Francisco, and Alameda. Joe Goodman or Jim & Steve Eillis.

      Los Angeles. I haven't been there.

      San Diego.  Mrs. Laura Dake.

      New Orleans. Tom Moore, big provision-merchant (Second-clerk of the "John J. Roe.")

      St. Louis. Mrs. Youngblood, Horace Bixby, Beck Jolly, The Leavenworth family.

      Marion City, 6 miles above Hannibal.

      Napoleon, Arkansas.

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      [3 joint pages bearing a single large"X"]

      M.J. Coates - says.

      Leaving on stage - Mark gave a free lecture
       on gold [...] the night before he left - grand  [...] - Going home  in  Newberg heard from [...]  all the time - Sandy Bowers & Mrs. Winters - Fr[...] put up the [...] - Knew how much Mark [...] of the watch - after lecture went [...] carry your a fine [W...] oh my [W...] now strike out for Va City Rallied for Va. City - police Oh boys I've give all I've got for [W...] Hunted all night Johnny Burnett Kenney [...] stage left early about 6. Overland stage - Called American -  stage must go - & man stepped up on wheel & says [...] Mark Oh my watch goodbye friends goodbye & [...] I hear you no [...]

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      Mrs. Laroz - Cal (letter)
      Wm H Barstow

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      Hannibal. John Briggs; Mrs. John Garth; John RoBards; Mrs. Laura Hawkins Fraser.

      Florida. The Hickmans?

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      to harbor - kept drop pr[...] out - [...] knew he was [...] Where are the [...]? [...] stepped out & [...] hold up her hand

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      Palmyra. (I was never there).