Harry Truman Manuscript on the “Settlement of the Palestine Question”

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Harry Truman Manuscript on the “Settlement of the Palestine Question”
Autograph Manuscript Signed
1 page | SMC 994

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      This penciled manuscript on the situation in Palestine, prior to the declaration of the State of Israel, reflects the evolution of Truman’s thinking on “the settlement of the Palestine question.” In this connection, Truman discusses the Bernadotte Report, the U.N. General Assembly findings of November 1947, and the Democratic platform.
      Autograph Manuscript Signed (“H.S.T.”), as President, in pencil, 1 page, quarto, no place, no date. With many corrections, additions and deletions: a working draft.
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      I am of the

      Your statement that the Bernadotte report should be used as a basis for negotiation in the settlement of the Palestine question and in principle should be adopted should be clarified.  The government [text is crossed out] of the United States [text is crossed out] is on record as [text is crossed out] endorsing the findings of the U. N. General Assembly of Nov 1947 as to boundaries.  [text is crossed out]

      The Democratic Platform endorsed these boundaries between the two sections of Palistine [sic]. I shall have to state that my position on the boundaries has not changed.  You should know that this statement will be made on October 1.