Andrew Johnson Calling Card, Signed Four Times

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Andrew Johnson Calling Card, Signed Four Times
Calling Card
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      This Calling Card with its four signatures – one crossed out – suggests someone learning to write -  which, considering Johnson didn’t learn his ABC’s until taught them by his wife, might seem probable. But the fact that they are on his printed calling card indicates a later date, say around 1857, when he badly injured his right arm in a train wreck. He might have been practicing to see just how well he could write, and just how badly it hurt him.
      Calling Card Signed (four times), one signature in pencil and three are in ink, recto and verso, sextodecimo, no place or date. The pencil signature has been crossed out in ink.
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      Andrew Johnson [text is crossed out]

      Andrew Johnson. [text is crossed out]

      Andrew Johnson [in Johnson's hand]

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      Andrew Johnson

      Andrew Johnson