1898 French Railway Travel Poster Advertising Palestine


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1898 French Railway Travel Poster Advertising Palestine
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      A scarce travel poster for the French railway, Chemins de fer de Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée, or PLM, to Palestine, by the noted poster artist Hugo D’Alesi. It depicts the road leading to the Jerusalem gate, a figure walking, and a figure on a donkey. An inset, “Bethleem” features a view towards gate, a man leading camel, and a man on a donkey leading second donkey.
      Color Lithograph, being a travel poster for PLM railways and headed “Palestine”, 25.5 by 36 inches, 1898. Loer left, “Ateliers F. Hugo D'Alesi 5, place Pigalle, Paris” and lower right, “Louis Gyerry Annecy 1898.” Scarce.
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      Affiches Simili-Aquarelle
      Ateliers F.HUGO D'ALESI
      5, Place Pigalle, PARIS