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American History & Jewish History Blog
October 15, 2023

A Message From The Foundation – The Israel Hamas War, 2023

As an educational and historical foundation, The Shapell Manuscript Foundation stands with the people of Israel and Jews everywhere in this time of great hardship and sorrow.

The brutal terrorist attacks by Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians and foreign nations from an additional 39 countries on October 7th, 2023, was the worst single loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust.

The genocidal crimes against humanity were perpetrated indiscriminately by the Hamas terrorist organization against women, children, the elderly, and families. As a Foundation that stands for and respects human dignity, democratic values, tolerance, and peace, and that desires a future where our children share the same opportunities without fear of persecution and prejudice, we stand with Israel and the United States.

We pray for the strength and safety of our Israeli friends and family at home and on the front lines.

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