July 26, 1904

Heartsick, Zionist Max Nordau Writes about the Death of Theodor Herzl

Autograph Letter Signed
2 pages
SMC 235
Writing just three weeks after the sudden death of his friend and political partner Theodor Herzl, Nordau thanks an American journalist for his “very interesting and spontaneous appreciation of my lamented friend Herzl whose loss has been a terrible shock to me and to all those that have known and loved him.” He notes that the way he is mentioned in the article is also extremely kind - but he cannot think of himself, now, in his bereavement.

Nordau and Herzl had first met in the early 1890’s when they were both  Paris correspondents for the German-language newspaper Neue Freie Presse. Their friendship began, however,  when Herzl, pressed to see a psychiatrist because of his outré Zionist beliefs, saw Nordau – who understood him at once, and fervently agreed. “If you are insane,” he said, “we are insane together. Count on me!”

At Herzl’s death, Nordau was offered the presidency of the World Zionist Organization, but declined.

Autograph Letter Signed (“Dr. M. Nordau”), in English, 1 page, duodecimo, 8, Rue Leonie, Paris, France, July 26, 1904. To Charles J. Rosebault in New York. With autograph envelope.
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