December 10, 1943

Chaim Weizmann in ’43: “Nothing Short of a Miracle If We Do Get Something Out of This War”

Autograph Letter Signed
3 pages
SMC 376
Weizmann has met with Churchill - at Chequers on November 4th - regarding the establishment of a Jewish National Home, and the meeting, he writes, went well:

The lunch with the P.M. and Attlee was quite a success.  Nothing precise you know but he was encouraging and so was Atlee and Smuts. We must now await developments.

The situation in Palestine, however, is problematic. “A good many unpleasant things are happening,” he says, “tending toward provoking the Yishuv.” Weizmann hopes they will not let themselves be provoked, adding;

It will be nothing short of a miracle if we do get something out of this war after all the suffering and misery which has been our lot….  Wavell does not seem to be the only one who's frightened for the sake of the poor kindly Arabs less the terrible Jews will fall upon them. Smuts thinks that they are all panic stricken there.

Weizmann is happy that Orde Wingate, stricken with typhoid in India, is out of danger. He knows this, he says, because Churchill, who has been “gravely concerned and… kept informed by daily telegrams,” told him so.
Autograph Letter Signed (“Chaim”), 3 pages, octavo, recto and verso, The Dorchester Hotel, London, Dec. 10, 1943. To Lorna Wingate.
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