June 07, 1923

President Warren G. Harding, About to Leave on the Trip During Which He’ll Die, Makes Plans to Meet a King Upon His Return

Typed Letter Signed
2 pages
SMC 1326
About to undertake the two-month cross-country “Voyage of Understanding” from which he would never return, Harding makes plans to see Child when he returns, and discusses, too, the prospect of welcoming the Italian Royal Family to the White House as well. “I am wholly inexperienced in the etiquette of procedure in such a matter,” he confesses, “but can learn about it, of course, and will be quite ready to do the courteous thing and do it with cordial enthusiasm.” Perhaps, then, they might discuss these things soon after he returns from his trip, on August 24th or 25th. But instead of meeting Child, or anyone else, Harding would by that time, be two weeks in his grave.
Typed Letter Signed, as President, marked “personal and confidential,” 2 pages, quarto, The White House, Washington, June 7, 1923. To Ambassador Richard Washburn Child
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