June 14, 1923

Warren G. Harding Thanks a Young Girl for a Lucky Four-Leaf Clover – Just as His Luck was Running Out

Typed Letter Signed
1 page
SMC 324
That Warren G. Harding loved children, was superstitious, and didn't like to work too hard, are all attested to by this charming letter to a young girl, thanking her from the Oval Office for a four-leaf clover that she had sent him. He hopes that it will bring him good luck, he says, and that it will bring her more.
Harding certainly needed luck that June, and lots of it: the scandals that would tarnish his legacy and make his presidency synonymous with corruption, were just starting to bubble up. He was, in fact, depressed, and about to leave the White House for a recuperative trip to Alaska. But four-leaf clover or no, his luck was running out: even as he wrote this, he was dying of heart disease and would never return from the West.
Typed Letter Signed, as President, 1 page, quarto, The White House, Washington, June 14, 1923. To Miss Vivian Little in Hartford, Connecticut.
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