April 11, 1865

Three Days Before He is Assassinated, Abraham Lincoln Orders the Discharge of a Sickly Boy from the Army

Autograph Note Signed
4 pages
SMC 211
Three days before he will be shot and killed, Lincoln responds to a friend’s letter beseeching his help in arranging the discharge of a sickly boy from the army. On the verso of a long letter of explanation from Lincoln's old campaign manager – now a sitting Supreme Court Justice – Lincoln writes “Let this man be discharged. April 11, 1865.” Below that, Stanton orders that the soldier, Parke E. Temple, be discharged immediately.

Private Temple, the underage enlistee whose mother worried so about his sickly constitution, outlived President Lincoln by forty years.
Autograph Note Signed (“A. Lincoln”, as President, 1 page, octavo, no place, April 11, 1865; endorsed below by Edwin M. Stanton. Both are on the verso of a 3 page A.L.S. in the hand of David Davis, headlined Bloomington, Illinois, March 6, 1865, and addressed to Abraham Lincoln.
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