February 05, 1913

Theodore Roosevelt Comments On, and Then Annotates, a Manuscript Detailing The Attempt Made on His Life

Typed Letter Signed
5 pages
SMC 258
Roosevelt comments on a manuscript detailing, step by step and minute by minute, the assassination attempt made on his life on October 14, 1912. He corrects the common misperception of what he said about the assassin when shot – “Don't hurt him. Bring him here. I want to look at him" and discusses both the nature of his wound, and its effect on him.
Typed Letter Signed (“T.R.”), with one autograph correction, 2 pages, quarto, on the letterhead of “Office of Theodore Roosevelt,” The Outlook, 287 Fourth Avenue, New York, February 5, 1913. To Sturgis Bigelow in Boston.

With Manuscript, in unidentified hand - but most likely Bigelow's -  amended in autograph by Roosevelt; 2 pages, quarto, no place or date.
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