July 02, 1890

President Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes Abraham Lincoln, Calling For All to Have “An Equal Start and a Fair Chance in the Race of Life”

Autograph Quotation Signed
1 page
SMC 1202
In quoting himself, Hayes quotes Lincoln - more or less correctly. “See to it,” he writes, “that every son and daughter of our Republic shall have” – and here he quotes from Lincoln’s July 4, 1861, Message to Congress in Special Session – "'an equal start and a fair chance in the race of life’ so far as human laws and human conduct avail.” What Lincoln actually called for was “an unfettered start,” but Hayes comes close enough.
Autograph Quotation Signed, 1 page, octavo, Spiegel Grove, Fremont, Ohio, July 2, 1890.
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