July 26, 1877

President Rutherford B. Hayes Salutes Service of U.S. Commissioner of Education John Eaton

Autograph Letter Signed
1 page
SMC 1198

Hayes salutes the service of his old Civil War comrade-in-arms, Brigadier General John Eaton Jr., as the United States Commissioner of Education:

I am glad you are in a good place - confident from what I knew of you in the old 23d, and information of your life since, that you will do your duty faithfully, I feel specially gratified that you are in the service.

Eaton, an educational reformer, had just recently chaired the International Educational Conference in Philadelphia.

Autograph Letter Signed (“R.B. Hayes”), as President, 1 page, octavo, Executive Mansion, Washington, July 26, 1877. To John Eaton, Jr.
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