President Franklin Pierce Appoints the First United States Consul to Serve in Jerusalem

Document Signed
1 page
SMC 1741
With this document, President Franklin Pierce appoints Boston physician John Warren Gorham as the first United States Consul at Jerusalem on October 20, 1856.

The appointment was ratified by the Senate only on March 30, 1858, though Gorham took up his post on March 25, 1857.  He set up the consulate in a rented building on Mt. Zion near the Jaffa Gate. He had  little to do, however, and, even that, he did poorly. He was relieved in September 1860, due to alcoholism exasperated, it was said, by boredom.
Document Signed, as President, partially printed and accomplished in manuscript, 1 page, oblong elephant folio, Washington, D.C., October 20, 1856. Co-signed by Secretary of State William Learned Marcy. With wafer-seal of the United States.
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