November 21, 1899

President William McKinley Orders Seal Affixed to his Proclamation on the Death of Vice President Hobart

Document Signed
1 page
SMC 1187
For McKinley, the loss of Vice-President Hobart – so kind, social, and charming – was both a terrible personal and political blow. In his proclamation ordering government offices closed for the day of the funeral and the flags of the military flown at half-mast, he eulogized Hobart as a man whose sweetness of disposition won all hearts, while his whole-hearted devotion to the public good earned him universal respect and esteem. With this document, McKinley directs that the proclamation be given force of law, by the affixing of the Seal of the United States.

Hobart’s untimely death, of course, necessitated a new Vice President: Theodore Roosevelt.
Document Signed, as president, partially printed and accomplished in typescript; 1 page, quarto, Executive Mansion, Washington, November 21, 1899. Docketed on verso. To the Secretary of State, John Hay.
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