November 16, 1899

McKinley is Greatly Comforted to Learn That His Gravely-Ill Vice President is Improving - Five Days Before Hobart Dies

Autograph Telegram Signed
1 page
SMC 916
McKinley is greatly comforted to learn that his dear friend, the Vice President, who had as of the 31st ultimo been thought to be dying, was now much improved.  The New York Times had just reported, in fact, that Vice President Hobart was “bright and cheerful," eating well and sleeping soundly. Now, McKinley asks to be kept apprised…. Five days later, on the 21st of November, the Vice President, age 55, died. McKinley was stricken.
 Autograph Telegram Signed, as President, in pencil, 1 page, octavo, Executive Mansion, Washington, November 16, 1899. To Dr. William Newton in Paterson, New Jersey. An 1898 series documentary one cent stamp affixed, and cancelled.
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