November 04, 1888

Mark Twain to French Jewish Writer Marcel Schwob: "I do commit crimes, but they are not of this grade."

Autograph Letter Signed
1 page
SMC 118
Here Twain denounces a French translation of a story he did not write, pronouncing it a “singularly unpleasant production.” He assures Schwob that he has been deceived: “I do commit crimes,” he writes, “ but they are not of this grade.”
Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page, on his monogrammed letterhead, duodecimo, Hartford, November 4, 1888. To (Mayer Andre) Marcel Schwob in Paris. With autograph envelope bearing his printed names and address in upper left corner.

Accompanied by a Printed Manuscript, in French, entitled "Terrifiante Historie de mes Dents," purportedly by Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain), and apparently translated by Marcel Schwob; 6 pages, folio, bearing an occasional printer's mark in ink.
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