October 19, 1896

Theodor Herzl, Hurt and Frustrated, Considers Quitting – in 1896, the First Year of the Zionist Movement

Autograph Letter Signed
2 pages
SMC 195
Herzl, hurt and frustrated, considers quitting – in the very first year of the Zionist movement. He requests from the Lemberg Zionists a copy of a letter in which he reputedly said that an English millionaire was willing to sacrifice 150 million guilders – a gross distortion or silly misunderstanding of what he actually said. He is also hurt by the tone in which he was discussed in this connection - so much so, in fact, that he is considering resigning from the Zionist movement. “If Jews are capable of accepting my efforts in such an undignified manner,” he declares, “than I regret the time, effort and sacrifice of all kinds [that I have made.]”
Autograph Letter Signed (“Herzl”), in German, 2 pages, octavo, IX, Berggasse 6 , Vienna, October 19, 1896. To “Dear Doctor.”
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