Herbert Hoover’s Handwritten List of His Autograph Collection

Autograph Note
5 pages
SMC 329
Herbert Hoover collected autographs; here is his handwritten list of his holdings. His collection included Longfellow’s “Excelsior”, a quotation from Wendell Phillips, and a postcard from Mark Twain. Standard 19th century American worthies, such as Bryant, Whittier, Holmes Sr., and Stowe, are represented – but, oddly, no presidents. There is a queen, however -  Victoria -  and the British reformer, Cobbett, along with a handful of New York Mayors. The most valuable piece, Hoover notes, is a letter of Bayard Taylor –  the poet, travel writer, and great chronicler of Palestine and the Levant.
 Autograph Note, in pencil; 5 pages, quarto, no place or date.
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