December 17, 1893

Grover Cleveland, Recovering From Secret Cancer Surgery, Reports He is “Getting to be Quite a Drunkard”

Autograph Letter Signed
6 pages
SMC 1970
Cleveland reports to the lead physician of his secret cancer surgeries that he is back on the job, working late and hard, worrying about the Hawaiian Question; but having just finished his Message to Congress on that subject – opposing annexation and supporting restoration of the monarchy – he feels quite relieved. In fact, he confesses,

I am getting to be quite a drunkard again and take a couple of drinks of whiskey a day, with very good results; and I smoke a cigar every day too.

But there is yet another piece of business to attend to, before Cleveland can truly “feel happiness and more like a man”: Bryant has got to “accept the contents of [the] envelope enclosed with this as a Christmas present, or as a reimbursement of expenditures on our behalf, or as any other pretext except as payment, or as partial payment for anything you have done for me.” That debt, Cleveland adds, he wants to stand.
Autograph Letter Signed, as President, 6 pages, octavo, Executive Mansion, December 17, 1893. To Dr. J.D. Bryant.
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