Signature of Lieutenant James Calhoun, General Custer’s Brother-in-Law, Killed with Him at Little Bighorn

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SMC 1157
Quiet, handsome Jimmi Calhoun was, literally, one of Custer’s brother officers; he had married Custer’s sister Maggie in 1872. Calhoun boasted, in fact, the day before the Battle of the Little Bighorn, that Maggie had baked him a big cake - it was with the pack train - and after the fight, he intended to send a piece to each officer in the regiment.

Calhoun was killed on a part of the battlefield that would come to be called Calhoun Hill. Some accounts have him scalped but otherwise recognizable; others say he was identified by a filling in a tooth.
Signature, with autograph identification as 1st Lieutenant 7th Cavalry, no place, no date (circa 1871 - 1876); on a sextodecimo slip of lined paper, clipped from a larger page. Rare.
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