December 19, 1863

General Custer’s Secret: “Libbie Bacon is the Fortunate or Unfortunate Person… Who Will Unite Her Destinies With Mine.”

Autograph Letter Signed
3 pages
SMC 126
Custer announces his forthcoming marriage, and asks that it be kept secret. “Libbie Bacon is the fortunate or unfortunate person, whichever it will be, who will unite her destinies with mine."  He asks his close friend Judge Christiancy to be present at the evening ceremony, after which the newlyweds will decamp on the midnight train.  Christiancy’s son, Jim, will also be coming home with Custer to the wedding, and Custer is gratified to report that the hard-drinking rake has “almost” forsworn drink. There is no news of importance to impart, Custer adds: he doubts that Meade will be removed.
Autograph Letter Signed ("G.A. Custer), 3 pages, octavo, Headquarters 3rd Division, C.C., December 19, 1863. To "My Dear Friend," Judge Christiancy
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