April 19, 1865

Pass to President Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral in the East Room of the Executive Mansion

1 page
SMC 1116
Sometime before noon on Wednesday, April 19, 1865, some six hundred mourners entered the Executive Mansion to attend, in the East Room, the funeral of Abraham Lincoln. The room, darkened for the occasion, had been transformed into something like an amphitheatre. At center was the open coffin on a raised catafalque with a black canopy, and surrounding it on three sides, an inclined platform, broken into steps. At one end of the coffin, near Lincoln’s head, was a cross of lilies; General Ulysses S. Grant was seated on this side. At the opposite end of the coffin were Robert and Tad Lincoln and some of their mother's relatives. The Cabinet stood on one side of the room behind President Andrew Johnson and former Vice President Hannibal Hamlin. The Justices of the Supreme Court, Congressman, Senators, Governors, Mayors, and the heads of government bureaus, filled the rest of the space. An Episcopalian priest began the service with the words: "I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord." Then three other clergymen – a Presbyterian, a Methodist and a Baptist – prayed and spoke. The service was brief. 
The notation, "East" at the top, refers to the section of the room where the bearer was to sit.
[Abraham Lincoln] Printed Funeral Pass, 1 page, sextodecimo, black-bordered; East [Room], Executive Mansion, Wednesday, April 19, 1865. “Admit the Bearer.”
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