Einstein, At the End of His Life, Writes Check to His Beloved Hebrew University

Check Signed
1 page
SMC 1814
Nothing in his life, Einstein said, gave him such pleasure as helping found The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It was a cause that from the very beginning had his full support. Although he began his work for the university by asking others for money, here, at the end of his life, he gives it his own money, with this check written three months before his death.

Einstein did more than raise and give money to build Hebrew University, however – valuable though that was. He served on its Board, spoke at its inauguration, and bequeathed all of his papers to it.
Check Signed, partially-printed and accomplished in manuscript, drawn on the Princeton Bank and Trust Company in the amount of ten dollars, payable to The American Friends of the Hebrew University; 1 page, Princeton, New Jersey, January 13, 1955.
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