October 13, 1929

Benjamin Cardozo Expresses His "Sure Interest" In Essays Written About Lincoln

Autograph Letter Signed
1 page
SMC 1648
The depth of Cardozo’s interest in Lincoln cannot be traced here, but it is noted, all the same, that Cardozo was the prize pupil of his tutor, Horatio Alger, at the same time that Alger was writing Abraham Lincoln: the Backwoods Boys; or, How a Young Rail-Splitter Became President. A “sure interest” in Lincoln may be easily imagined as the result of that fruitful association
Autograph Letter Signed, as Chief Justice of the New York Court of Appeals, 1 page, octavo, 16 W. 75th St., [New York City, N.Y.], October 13, 1929. To Emanuel Hertz. With autograph envelope
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