July 22, 1971

David Ben-Gurion on God’s Promises to His People: Strength and Peace – One Given, the Other, Coming

Autograph Letter Signed
1 page
SMC 664
Born before he had a homeland, Ben-Gurion was a leader in a war before he had an army, and became a statesman before he had a state. Long convinced, then, of things yet unseen, here he says that although peace with the present government in Egypt is very doubtful, Psalms tells that God has promised his people two things:

“God will give strength to His people, God will bless His people with peace" - The first promise was already given; the second one - not yet, but it will come.

Such, then, was the faith that gave Ben-Gurion, and gives still, substance to hope.
Autograph Letter Signed (“D. Ben-Gurion”), in English, 1 page, octavo, Sdeh Boker, July 22, 1971. To Kenneth Triem in Tucson, Arizona.
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