A “Song of Praise” Celebrating the Yishuv’s Welcome of Lew Wallace to Jerusalem

1 page
SMC 837
This self-described “Song of Praise,” to be sung by students of the Blumenholz Shul and the Lemel School “in honor of the great nobleman General Wallace, Consul of the United States of America” suggests that either the author of Ben-Hur, or the country in whose diplomatic service he served, was revered by the Yishuv. A “David” has come to “our ashen city” the text proclaims: “The Nobleman and Prince, General Wallace has entered… And set his palanquin within...”

The visit of the Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire to Jerusalem was, of course, an event of some moment in 1883. Perhaps the trip was timed to meet with the incoming Consul, Edwin Sherman Wallace, who would during his tenure frequently intervene with the Ottoman authorities on behalf of the Jewish community.
[Lew Wallace] Broadside, in Hebrew, 1 page, large folio, Jerusalem, November or December, 1883; being a song of welcome in celebration of Wallace’s visit, as U.S. Minister at Constantinople, to Jerusalem.
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