June 12, 1861

Abraham Lincoln Orders Seal Affixed to His Appointment of the Arabist Edward Joy Morris as Minister Resident to Turkey

Document Signed
1 page
SMC 156
Courting Pennsylvania by way of Constantinople, Lincoln puts the finishing touches on his appointment of Keystone State Congressman Edward Joy Morris, the Minister Resident to Turkey; the Seal of the United States, the President directs, is to be affixed to the envelope of a letter - carrying Morris’ credentials - addressed to His Imperial Highness, the Sultan of Turkey.

A month before, Lincoln wrote that it seemed “Pennsylvania is well entitled to the place,” and so picked Morris who, happily, was not only a good Republican, but a seasoned traveler who had visited, and written about, the Levant. In 1842 he published Notes of a Tour through Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Arabia Petraea, to the Holy Land " and in 1855,  translated from the German Alfred De Besse’s The Turkish Empire, Embracing the Religion, Manners, and Customs of the People: with a Memoir of the Reigning Sultan and Omer Pacha.
Morris remained Minister at Constantinople until October, 1870.
Document Signed, as President, partially printed and accomplished in manuscript, 1 page, quarto, Washington, June 12, 1861. To the Secretary of State, William Henry Seward.
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