Abraham Lincoln’s Family Physician, Robert K. Stone, Signed 1842 Book about a Miraculous Cure

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Dr. Robert King Stone, a European-educated specialist on the diseases of the eye, was considered the dean of the Washington medical establishment, and served as the Lincoln family physician during the White House years. A frequent caller on the President and his family - treating Mrs. Lincoln’s migraines, Lincoln’s headaches, and the boys’ aches and pains – he also attended, in February 1862, at Willie’s death, and Tad’s recovery, from typhoid fever.

Stone was called to Ford’s Theatre when the President was shot, told Robert Lincoln of his  father's fatal condition, and assisted at the autopsy. He also tended to Mrs. Lincoln’s “nervous disorder” after the assassination. Dr. Stone held a low opinion of Mrs. Lincoln, and a high one of Mr. Lincoln; indeed, despite his pro-slavery views, he felt close enough to the President to ask him for the occasional favor, such as one concerning his wife’s family in Richmond, granted by the President the day before he died (see Lincoln’s Autograph Pass for Mrs. Stone, dated April 14, 1865).

Here Stone has indited his signature to an account concerning Ann Mattingly (1782-1855), a Catholic woman in Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) who, having for many years been afflicted with breast cancer, was miraculously cured upon making communion and receiving the sacrament. This collection of documents testifying to her miraculous healing was compiled by William Matthews (1770 – 1854), rector of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Washington, and includes the testimony of Chief Justice John Marshall.
Signed Book (“R.K. Stone”),  dated in autograph “1842”, being a pamphlet, A Collection of Affidavits and Certificates, Relative to The Wonderful Cure of Mrs. Ann Mattingly, Which took place in the City of Washington, D.C. on the tenth of March, 1824; published by James Wilson, Washington D.C., 1824, and Sold at H. Guegan's Book Store, Pennsylvania Avenue. octavo.
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