January 08, 1865

Lincoln Interjects Himself Into Case of Two Jewish Merchants, Philip & Meyer Wallach, Charged With Selling Goods to Blockaders

Autograph Note Signed
1 page
SMC 1038

On December 14, 1864, Washington merchants Meyer and Philip Wallach, having been arrested by order of the Secretary of War, charged with selling goods to blockaders, and duly paroled; were recommitted to the Carroll Building Prison - a block away from the Old Capitol Prison, and famously packed with rebel officers. Not three weeks later, Lincoln took an interest, apparently merciful, in the case of these two Jewish men: “Officer in charge at Carroll Prison,” He directed, “will not send, or allow to be taken away, Philip & Meyer Wallach, or either of them until further order from me.”

Autograph Note Signed (“A. Lincoln”), as President, 1 page, sextodecimo, January 8, 1865.
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