November 04, 1856

1856 Poll Book Certifying Abraham Jonas, Lincoln's Intimate Jewish Friend, an Elector

Document Signed
12 pages
SMC 2176

In 1856, Lincoln and Jonas were among the organizers of the new Republican Party in Illinois, and their names appear repeatedly in poll books from various Illinois precincts, evidence of their passionate involvement - always on the same side - in politics. On Election Day, election officials carefully recorded all of the information concerning the election -the candidates, the people who voted, and the sum of the vote - in these individual poll books containing the names of all registered voters.

[Lincoln, Abraham] Poll Book, partially-printed but chiefly accomplished in manuscript, listing Lincoln, misspelled here as "Lincon", and Abraham Jonas, as Republican Electors; 12 pp. folio, Jacksonville Morgan County, Illinois, Nov. 4, 1856.

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